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Jesse Evans - JD Black

Duration: 4min 13sec Views: 162 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Although the trusty porn magazine is something of a rarity in this modern age of Internet entertainment, and none of us would have it any other way, there is certainly still a special appreciation for vintage skin mags. When gorgeous little Jesse Evans gets an invitation to check out JD Black's uncle's apartment he doesn't hesitate to pay his friend a visit, where the two discover a secret stash of gay porn under the mattress. It's just the kind of inspiration - or excuse - a couple of horny young guys need to begin engaging in some private BoyFun! After skimming through the pages their passions are quickly ignited, their interest in each other spilling over into a loving embrace. Inspired by the models the two are soon making out, with shirts quickly slipped off and Jesse's incredibly meaty uncut cock released from his pants. JD doesn't waste a moment, wrapping his experienced lips around his friend's engorged manhood, slurping his buddy's cock with the kind of passion suited to a starring centerfold role. Needless to say, smooth boy Jesse is just as eager to taste his friend's incredible dick, returning the favor, the boys swapping back and forth as moans and slurps bounce around the bedroom. With their youthful erections wet with spit and precum their passions are only encouraged more when Jesse slips his tongue between his friend's smooth butt cheeks, exploring JD's hole and lapping at his pucker. Prepped and ready for more JD takes every thick inch, his naked rump stretched around Jesse's tool while the boy takes him from behind. Not one to be outdone, and having experienced the warm and naked thrusting of his good pal, JD takes the lead to get a shot at his friend's most delectable zone. Jesse's plump cheeks are parted to reveal his winking pucker, orally savored before the boy eases his own throbbing length between them, slipping his bareback bone inside and fucking Jesse face-down in the pillows. As their groans of growing climax become more determined their shared bliss is almost ready to spill over in white liquid pleasure, but not before the boys switch one more time. The final deep thrusts of Jesse's big dick have JD splashing his cream from his cock, making a hot mess over his uncle's sheets, a gooey celebration soon matched by Jesse's load pumping out over the boy's freshly fucked ass. I wonder if JD will tell his uncle about the magazine they found?
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